Het Amerika van Morgen

Gisteren was niet alles beter

Het Amerika van Gisteren is het Amerika van Obama. Het Amerika van de arrogante elite in Californië, New Hampshire en Washington DC, die Amerikanen buiten hun bubbel als klootjesvolk[1] bestempelen; van de linkse en rechtse media, die het publiek voeden met nepberichtgeving, subjectief gekleurde informatie en leugens om het Amerikaanse publiek een bepaald politiek standpunt en dito stemgedrag aan te praten; van politieke verliezers die hun verlies niet kunnen begrijpen en dus niet accepteren; van inlichtingendiensten die hun politieke bazen naar de mond praten en tegen de zin van de werkvloer desgewenst inlichtingen in die zin kleuren; van zelfverklaarde safe havens als San Francisco waar criminele, steeds terugkerende illegalen niet veroordeeld en gevangengezet of uitgezet worden, maar gepamperd; van Black Lives Matter, die het vermoorden van (blanke en gekleurde) politieagenten enthousiast toejuichen; van politici, die hun politiekorpsen regelmatig afvallen en geen rugdekking geven; van een eroderende samenleving, waarin haarscheuren uitgegroeid zijn tot diepe breuklijnen.



Barack Obama. Afb: Pixabay

Een mening van binnenuit de Amerikaanse samenleving


Cal Thomas (1942)[2] America’s most widely syndicated op-ed columnist blijkt een bijzondere kijk te hebben op het Amerika van Gisteren. Hij komt met de volgende statements:

Over de persconferentie van Trump op 11 januari 2017

The Fake News Story about Trump cavorting in a Moscow Hotel Room was carried by CNN and was Front Page in many Newspapers. But even the New York Times (een bekende sterk liberaal gekleurde media outlet) said it was unable to corroborate the Story and said ut was planted by opposition Researchers during the Campaign (in oktober 2016), but only picked up by the Media this Week.  Trump was especially hard on a CNN Reporter who refused to let ask him a Question . CNN pounded the Story over and oer again,.

If the Media have not gotten it yet, they will. Trump First called on John Roberts of Fox News and ignored Reporters for the Broadcats Network with the exception of Major Garret of CBS. This is exactly what I have recommended. He doesnot have to recognize the se left wing People to ask him loaded Questions. He can and should call on fair minded and even conservative Writers who are interested in getting real Information and not trying to trip him up with their biased Qauestions . Sof ar I like what I am seeing with one week to go before inauguration.


Over Russische interventies in het politieke leven van andere landen in het algemeen en de USA in het bijzonder

Given America’s record of meddling in other countries and of leaders who have lied to us, we shouldn’t throw stones from glass houses.

While Democrats and some Republicans are blasting Russia, they should recall dubious actions by the United States. Presidents from both parties have a long history of lying and attempting to dictate who should rule other nations such as the Brexit Chili, Egypt and Libya meddling; media information on winning the Vietnam War or stayed inactive such as during the 2009 peaceful protests by those who claimed that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had stolen the presidential election from Mir Hussein Moussavi, the top challenger, the Obama administration offered condemnation, but little else, when action might have had a positive influence. Peaceful protestors were shot in the streets, arrested, tortured and imprisoned without trial (not that any trial in Iran would have been fair) and the Ayatollahs tightened their grip. Iran is now on a course that will likely end with the development of nuclear weapons.

An open revolt is underway within the U.S. intelligence establishment, with more than 50 veteran analysts charging their reports on ISIS were systematically changed to reflect the White House line (volgens New York Post). Officials from the United States Central Command altered intelligence reports to portray a more optimistic picture of the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (volgens New York Times).

Any Russian involvement in the November election appears to have uncovered information that Democrats were trying to hide and that reporters missed or ignored. What’s worse, the deeds or the way the deeds were discovered?

We haven’t just emerged from a cave and must discover fire or invent the wheel. We have a history, a human and an American history. Why does each generation behave as if it is the first? Why does so much of our politics resemble the film Groundhog Day, in which Bill Murray’s character wakes up each morning to repeat every event of the day before, ad infinitum?”


Over de hypocrisie van het Hollywood-establishment.

 There is a difference between a celebrity and a star. If you’re not old enough to know what real stars looked like, I again refer you to Hollywood’s Golden Age, where actors kept their clothes on, didn’t swear or have sex on screen and held the attention of audiences by the superior quality of their work.

In a six-minute, post-election diatribe, Streep slammed president-elect Donald Trump, urging journalists to hold him accountable. Given the media’s poor job of holding the current president accountable, Streep’s call to arms seems like an invitation to a one-way street. Accountability is one thing. Extreme bias is quite another and mainstream media has been nothing if not biased against Donald Trump, most of his cabinet nominees and family members

The Golden Globes, like the Oscars, are full of the self-aware (no wonder they worship President Obama, perhaps the most self-aware president in history). They’re happy to mock the values of “fly-over country,” even as they hope people they condescendingly view as “hicks” and worse, Republicans, will buy tickets to see their films.

These elitists arrive at ceremonies at which people of like mind give each other awards for being like-minded. How can they identify with Americans who live paycheck to paycheck? Many hang out with left-wing politicians, who also live in their own fantasy world, as out of touch with real Americans as they are. These overrated actors, who are shadows compared to Hollywood’s Golden Age, seemingly believe they set the agenda for the nation. Anyone who has a different view is regarded as trespassing on their territory.

These actors produce little of lasting value. The A-listers among them attend White House functions — mostly during Democratic administrations — and get so upset at the prospect of a Republican victory that they threaten to leave the country should the Republican win. Sadly, they never leave. Where else could so many who have contributed so little to better society be paid so much?

The arrogance, superiority and hypocrisy of these overrated people is astounding. Many campaign against guns while enjoying the protection of armed security guards. Others, like Leonardo DiCaprio, are apostles of “climate change,” but fly on private jets and ride in SUVs, which pollute the air. Most favor abortion rights while clamoring for compassionate treatment of the weakest among us. They endorse same-sex marriage while marrying members of the opposite sex multiple times, mocking the practice

Over de rol van de USA bij de laatste VN-resolutie aangaande Israël

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports on a story published in an Egyptian newspaper (dagelijkse nieuwskrant Al-Youm Al-Sabi) with close ties to Egyptian Intelligence. According to the report (opgesteld door Ahmed Gomaa,), a secret meeting took place in Washington in mid-December attended by John Kerry, National Security Adviser(NSA) Susan Rice and a rather large Palestinian delegation that included PLO Executive Committee secretary and negotiating team leader Saeb Erekat[3].

According to the transcribed minutes obtained by Al-Youm Al-Sabi the secret gathering reveals U.S. coordination leading up to the UN Security Council vote on Resolution 2334 regarding Israel’s settlements[4]. … It states that the sides ‘agreed to cooperate in drafting a resolution on the settlements’ and that the U.S. representative in the Security Council was ‘empowered’ to coordinate with the Palestinian UN representative on the resolution.

The Egyptian newspaper further reported that the secret meeting in Washington “was aimed at coordinating Kerry’s attendance at the upcoming international Paris Conference set for Jan. 15, 2017, in order to propose his ideas for a permanent arrangement ‘provided they are supported by the Palestinian side.’”

Susan Rice is said to have warned the Palestinians about the “danger” of the incoming Trump administration’s policies, adding that both she and Kerry had advised Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas not to make any preliminary moves that might “provoke the new administration.”

The report also said Kerry and Rice had “fulsomely praised Abbas’ policies and how he handled matters, and harshly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that he ‘aims to destroy the two-state solution.’”

This is remarkably cynical even in our cynical age. If the Egyptian newspaper report is true — and the Obama administration has so far not denied it[5] — the administration is guilty of a two-faced solution to the conflict, which is no solution at all from the standpoint of Israel and the Jewish people who have been the targets of unprovoked attacks and wars since Israel’s rebirth in 1948.

Not only has Abbas said he would expel all Jews from a Palestinian State, but neither he, nor any other regional player technically still at war with Israel has said they will ever recognize a Jewish state in their midst. Furthermore, since the Palestinian side now includes Hamas and Fatah in a unity coalition — two entities that have vowed not only to never make peace with Israel, but to seek its destruction and the expulsion of all Jews from the land — only a fool would believe that peace is possible under such circumstances.

Over de erfenis van Obama

He understandably tried to burnish his Legacy. But Legacies can not be written by Presidents. Historians and the Public write them and the Facts do not favor this President.

Domestically he has increased the Debt more than all of our Presidents combined[6]. Obamacare his signature Issue risks being torn apart as everything he said about it from keeping your Doctor to lowering Costs has proved untrue.

Notice the Number of Times he referred to organizing in his speech. That was Classical Saul Alinsky[7], when he says People shoudl become more involved, he means Liberals and Secularists, not Conservatives and Christians. Hope and Change (twee motto´s van Obama) turned out to be neither.

In a last ditch Effort to fulfill a Campaign Promise  Obama is releasing twenty two of the remaining 59 Detainees at GITMO. As the UK Daily Mail first reported, this means more than one-third of the Detainees will have left  US Custody before Donald Trump takes office. Many are reportedly going to Saudi Arabia, which teaches and exports the most virulent form of Islam. Previously freed Prisoners have returned to Jihad. These include four Members of a Group claiming to have carried out the Charlie Hebdo Massacre in Paris. Obama does not seem to care. He has claimed GITMO is used as recruiting tool for Terrorists. No captured Terrorist has ever said he killed People because of GITMO. It is a Lie.  

Obama is seeking a Legacy. No one seeks a Legacy. A Legacy finds you. If these Killers return to the Battlefield and kill more People, this President add another Chapter to a Lengthening List that is Legacy of Faillure.


Kijken vanaf de zijlijn

In Nederland heeft een groot aantal Obama-bewonderaars zich laten transformeren tot Trump-bashers. Het gros laat zich leiden door ongefundeerde en onbewezen verhalen in de binnen- en buitenlandse mainstream media, vooral omdat die berichten passen in hun beeld van een olifant die door de porselein kast dendert. Zelfbenoemde Amerika-watchers verlagen zich tot emotionele kretologie en proberen het Nederlandse kijkerspubliek wijs te maken dat een impeachment van Trump op de loer ligt. Of doen geloven dat het aantreden van Trump als de 45ste President van de Verenigde Staten tegengehouden kan worden. Dat doen ze met een bezorgde trek op het gezicht. Dat dan wel.

Het zijn dezelfde experts die 8 jaar geleden de vlag hebben uitgestoken toen een onbekende Afro-Amerikaanse senator uit Chicago het Witte Huis binnenstapte en geen moeite hebben gedaan om de politieke achtergrond van deze Yes we Can- en Hope-roeper te bestuderen. De tekst van eindnoot 5 kan voor deze experts wellicht een goede leeswijzer zijn. Was die achtergrond  9 jaar al uitgebreid in de media belicht geweest, dan hadden we misschien nu niet met de brokken van het beleid van deze tanende ster aan de horizon gezeten.

Het is te hopen dat het Amerika van Morgen de Amerikanen en de Westerse wereld wel hoop en een voorspoedige toekomst zal brengen. Slechter dan het Amerika van Gisteren kan het niet worden.



[1] Clinton noemde hen deplorables, Streep bestempelde hen met veel dedain als NFL en MMA volgers.
[2] O.m auteur van tien boeken en talloze artikelen o.m. voor de Washington Times en USA Today. Was reporter voor NBC en CNBC. Panellid voor Fox News Watch een media kritisch programma en geeft nog dagelijks commentaar op de ontwikkelingen in de wereld dat op meer dan 300 zenders in de USA kan worden gehoord.
[3] Andere aanwezigen waren Palestinian general intelligence chief Majid Faraj; Husam Zomlot, strategic affairs advisor to Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud ‘Abbas; Palestinian Foreign Ministry official Dr. Majed Bamya; Palestinian negotiations department official Azem Bishara; Palestinian intelligence international relations department chief Nasser ‘Adwa; en head of the PLO delegation to Washington Sa’ab Erekat.
[4] Het schema zag er als volgt uit:
  • 12 december: bespreking Saeb Erekat en Majid Faraj met U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry;
  • 13 december: bespreking Saeb Erekat and Majid Faraj met National Security Advisor Susan Rice. De hele Palestijnse delegatie heeft een zes uur durend politiek-strategische onderhoud met een Amerikaans Team bestaande uit vier vertegenwoordigers van Buitenlandse Zaken en Homeland Security, Majid Faraj sluit zijn bezoek af met een langdurig onderhoud met het hoofd van de CIA
[5] Kerry and Erekat hebben beiden op 28 december 2016 ontkend dat er een coördinatie bijeenkomst is geweest tussen (vertegenwoordigers van) USA en Palestijnse Autoriteit voor het concipiëren van een tekst voor een UNSCR.
[6] Zie en volg de ontwikkelingen op de website http://www.usdebtclock.org.
[7] Alinsky auteur van het boek Rules for Radicals stond bekend als een radicale Marxistische organisator. Hij zag revolutie als een langzaam geduldig proces. Volgens hem was de truuk om niet alleen traditionele  instituties  als kerken, vakbonden en politieke partijen binnen te dringen, maar ook vaste voet bij de georganiseerde misdaad te krijgen en te houden. Hij wist grote fondsen binnen te harken om zijn praktijken te financieren. Hij paste zijn ideeën toe in Chicago waar hij zeer succesvol was. Een uitspraak symboliseert Alinsky´s instelling “I feel confident that I could persuade a millionaire on a Friday to subsidize a revolution for Saturday out of which he would make a huge profit on Sunday even though he was certain to be executed on Monday.” Tot zijn dood in 1972 kon hij o.m. Hillary Clinton en Barack Obama tot zijn intieme vriendenkring rekenen. De laatste kreeg zijn vorming bij Alinsky´s Industrial Areas Foundation. Dat de twee Amerikaanse politici Alinsky adepten zijn betekent volgens Richard Poe op www.rense.com twee dingen: het zijn linkse idealisten die er op uit zijn het Amerikaanse Constitutionele Systeem omver te werpen en zij zullen tot het gaatje gaan om hun radicale instelling voor het grote publiek te verbergen.



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